• Educators - if you ever get a chance to hear John Hunter speak, take full advantage. WOW!
    Nick Creach on John's NAIS Keynote
  • John Hunter teaches children how to take the initiative and how to plan for the future. Realizing what today's actions mean tomorrow is a great skill and necessary to successful leadership.
    Mitchel Hunter
  • John Hunter, in a manner both humble and poetic, articulates what it takes to create his particular variety of classroom magic and his hopefulness for the future.
    Claudia Daggett, Executive Director, Elementary School Heads Association
  • ...many of our world's current issues have remained unresolved for years, only extraordinary and visionary teachers like Hunter can do what is truly necessary for the education and formation of our future leaders.
    Jessica Tiblin
  • John Hunter rocked our world. John received a standing ovation at the end of his speech and this crowd is not one to do this sort of thing.
    global corporation executive
  • I was absolutely star struck by John Hunter....For me it felt like a truly spiritual experience being in the presence of such an incredibly peaceful, calm and brilliant man.
    Linn Sovik, Norway
  • It is a GREAT idea to engage children in the process of learning and life.
    Colleen Steen
  • I have had dozens of students, faculty, and staff drop by my office or stop me in the halls to express their appreciation and enthusiasm for John Hunter and the First Lecture.
    Education Dean at major univerisity